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HEALTH COACHING with Peggy boyer

Healthy Headspaces empowers you, the busy office worker, to leave limiting beliefs behind and clear headspace for healthy habits that align with your wellness goals in order to become a happier, healthier version of yourself.

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What's Taking Up Space?

Chronic disease. Stress. Burnout.

60% of the American people have a chronic disease and 80% of chronic disease is a result of lifestyle behaviors.

How Does Health Coaching Fill The Space?

  • When a person has "tried before" or "knows what needs to be done" but hasn't been successful in reaching goals

  • By serving as a partner to provide perspective that encompasses treatment goals, lifestyle, sleep, stress management, nutrition, physical activity and more

  • A health coach helps support the treatment plan when a client receives a "course of action" from a practitioner

Why Hold Space for This at a Corporate Level?

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According to the World Health Organization, burnout is an "occupational phenomenon."

It is caused by chronic stress predominantly in the workplace and can extend out to other aspects of a person's life leading to issues such as poor productivity, fatigue, anxiety, and insomnia. Conditions such as high blood pressure, heart problems and diabetes have been linked to chronic stress as well.

All of this contributes to absenteeism, sick days and higher healthcare costs for employee benefits.

If you're a company and would like to know more about the ROI, click below.

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Benefits of Health Coaching

We work together as a team. You call the shots, because you know yourself, your body, better than anyone.

Since change begins in the mind, I ask high-mileage questions, and offer a variety of ways to create insights and convert them into skills and behaviors that result in measurable change.

Clients often come with several goals. We identify and address the core issues, then the other issues often disappear or can be handled with ease. As people become highly satisfied with their life, it positively impacts their teams, families, health and bottom line!

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What is Health Coaching

For over 20 years I owned a corporate wellness business and worked with employees to reduce their stress. It was in this space that clients felt comfortable talking about their daily stressors and discouragements about not reaching health goals. I saw first-hand how emotional and mental stress can lead to physical conditions and burnout. This experience, along with my journey of creating a healthy headspace for myself, inspired me to become a certified health coach to serve the busy workforce.

I love helping people discover how to apply their strengths creatively and courageously to advance their careers, health and joy.

My style is calm, direct, action-oriented and celebratory.

I am a certified Health Coach and Massage Therapist with a Bachelor's degree in Communications, Journalism and Women's Studies from the

University of Minnesota.

For fun I like to travel, hike, mountain bike, create beautiful things, try new foods and create content for The Stretch Cafe!

Healthy Headspaces:

Peggy Boyer

Health Coaching Options

Whether you are looking for yourself or your organization:

One on One Sessions

These private sessions allow for you to dig deep through obstacles and tap into your inner wisdom and potential to meet your goals . Sessions are virtual with your choice of phone call or Zoom.

Packages are 6 or 12 weekly sessions.

Contact me to discuss a single session.

Webinar Packages

The interactive webinars are perfect for a company wanting to offer health coaching as an employee benefit. Using common health topics, science-based principles and interviews with experts in their field, virtual webinars can reach all of your employees at once. A PDF workbook and link of the recorded webinar is sent to all.

I've Saved Space For you.

Book a FREE consultation and we'll explore what's important to you and your wellbeing. We'll discuss what you'd like to accomplish through health coaching and you'll get a feel for what it's like working with me.

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Free Wellness Campaign to Help You Create More Headspace

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The best way I know how to get out of your head and into the present, is to move.

So step away from the grind and stretch!

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Stretch content, created weekly, for the office worker.